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Opening Doors to Your Future: Speak with confidence + presence to close the deal (WORKSHOP for Real Estate Agents)

As a real estate agent, having strong communication skills and an executive presence that exudes confidence are critical to building relationships, trust, and credibility; connecting with clients; and nurturing a community of contacts. Opening Doors to Your Future is designed specifically for real estate agents who [...]

Simply OutSTANDing™ Rising Stars: Communicate with confidence + clarity to get what you want (WORKSHOP for Young Professionals, Emerging Leaders, New Managers/Supervisors)

For emerging leaders, young professionals and rising stars wanting to accelerate their move up the career ladder and establish themselves as a credible and respected professional in their field, being able to confidently + clearly + concisely articulate ideas and impact results in an engaging [...]

Technically Speaking: Communicating complex ideas with confidence + clarity (WORKSHOP for Tech Professionals)

While possessing both passion and technical skill are important for technology professionals who aspire to be recognized in their specific field, area, or organization, even more important is their ability to elevate themselves beyond the technical world and embrace the role of communicator. Being able [...]

Meeting in Progress: Facilitation skills to energize, engage, execute, and deliver (WORKSHOP for Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders)

31 hours. This is the amount of wasted time that most professionals spend in meetings each month because of ineffective meeting management practices.  If you are tired of your company wasting time, energy, and resources on unproductive meetings, Meeting Mastery is the perfect solution. The [...]

Simply OutSTANDing™ Sales: Communication skills to close the deal (WORKSHOP for Sales Professionals)

Strong communication skills are essential for sales professionals to establish the trust, authority, and credibility necessary to connect with customers and close the deal.  During the Simply OutSTANDing™ Sales workshop, participants will be introduced to Simply OutSTANDing™, a six-step communication approach designed to strengthen their ability to [...]

Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator: Speak with confidence + clarity to get what you want (WORKSHOP Customized for All Professional Services Industries)

Never before has the demand for strong communication skills in the workplace been as great as it is right now.  Being able to clearly articulate and convey ideas and connect with others can serve as a competitive advantage for professionals and allow them to stand [...]

Simply OutSTANDing™ Cause Champion: Speak for your cause with influence + impact (WORKSHOP for Associations and Nonprofits)

The success of any cause hinges on the ability of grassroots and cause champions to effectively – and succinctly – convey a message that resonates and further builds a community of supporters. The challenge, however, lies in the fact that although passionate and devoted, the [...]


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