culture reinvention following a merger or acquisition

When an organization merges with or acquires another organization, the cultural fabric must be reinvented.  While the two groups might have been high-performing in their previous worlds, it does not guarantee that they will be compatible – or at least right away – in their new world.   The new work dynamic must be established before a level of desired performance can be achieved.

Conducting cultural due diligence is just as important as financial due diligence when it comes to merging or acquiring a new organization.  Identifying specific roadblocks, differences in opinions, beliefs, and practices and determining how to bridge the gaps and integrate the two organizations is key to ensuring that the new organization can perform – and how quickly – at its optimal level.

The re_group team works with leaders before and after a merger or acquisition to proactively shape and build buy-in and support of the culture that will ultimately support achievement of the new organizational goals and direction.

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