facilitate high-stakes meetings

Did you waste 31 hours this month?

Chances are if you sat in meetings, you did.  And, it’s likely that everyone in your organization who participated in meetings did, too.

Take a minute to let that sink in.

How much money and time is lost throughout your organization as a result of your team sitting in unproductive meetings each month?  And, even more telling, what was the impact on morale?

As organizations become more collaborative and rely on teams to accomplish and move initiatives forward, it is critical that meetings are productive, agendas are achieved, deadlines are met, innovative and breakthrough ideas are fostered rather than stifled, and participants feel respected and valued.

The re_group team understands the important role that meetings play in your organization to move ideas forward and achieve results. Whether you want to refocus and reenergize meetings by building your team’s facilitation skills, or outsource facilitation for a high-stakes meeting so that you will be able to actively participate in and stay focused on the discussion, the re_group team has the perfect solution for you and your team.


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