Opening Doors to Your Future: Speak with confidence + presence to close the deal (WORKSHOP for Real Estate Agents)

As a real estate agent, having strong communication skills and an executive presence that exudes confidence are critical to building relationships, trust, and credibility; connecting with clients; and nurturing a community of contacts.

Opening Doors to Your Future is designed specifically for real estate agents who want to improve their communication skills and strengthen their presence.  During this highly interactive workshop complete with customized exercises and real-world examples, attendees will be introduced to Simply OutSTANDing™, a simple, six-step communication approach.  The approach will provide a framework to help attendees develop and verbally deliver a specific message with confidence, clarity, presence, and impact, regardless if communicating with current or future clients, delivering high-stake business pitches, meeting face-to-face with members of the C-suite, or presenting to audiences both large and small.

During the workshop, attendees will:

  1. Explore how important communication skills and executive presence are and the roles they each play in achieving success and career fulfillment
  2. Identify, increase awareness of, and learn how to strengthen communication practices that will build your confidence and credibility and position you as a real estate authority in the eyes of your current and future clients
  3. Acquire tips on how to navigate objections and command and stay in control of a conversation

Upon completion of Opening Doors to Your Future, attendees will leave with a new-found confidence and be ready to better connect with and build stronger relationships with their current and future clients, establish trust and credibility, and influence results.

All attendees will receive a copy of the book entitled Simply OutSTANDing™ Communicator:  Speak with confidence + clarity to get what you want, which details the Simply OutSTANDing™ approach, as well as a customized workbook.

Target audience:  real estate agents

To learn more about Opening Doors to Your Future and begin discussing how the re_group team can custom a workshop for your team or group of real estate agents, contact us today!

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