Simply OutSTANDing™ Sales: Communication skills to close the deal (WORKSHOP for Sales Professionals)

Strong communication skills are essential for sales professionals to establish the trust, authority, and credibility necessary to connect with customers and close the deal.  During the Simply OutSTANDing™ Sales workshop, participants will be introduced to Simply OutSTANDing™, a six-step communication approach designed to strengthen their ability to articulate and convey ideas in any situation and to any audience so that they stand out and get the results that they want.

Upon completing the workshop, participants will have a new set of communication tools to help them tackle the toughest of conversations when delivering their organization’s value proposition during face-to-face and phone meetings with members of the C-suite and other key decision-makers, high-stake business pitches with potential customers, and presentations to audiences both large and small.

During this highly interactive and engaging program, participants will:

  1. Explore how communication impacts the sales process and how they can refine their communication practices to influence and further a conversation with customers to achieve desired results
  2. Learn how to create and confidently deliver a high-impact and emotionally engaging message to all audiences, including members of the C-suite
  3. Learn tips for how to anticipate and navigate customer objections and stay in control of the conversation

Target audience:  sales professionals and teams who want to refine their communication skills to further strengthen relationships with current and potential clients

To learn more about the Simply OutSTANDing™ Sales workshop or to discuss how the re_group team could customize a workshop for your sales team, contact us today!

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