Carl L. Medley II

co-founder, re_group

The “Official” Me

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The “Real” Me

I am NOT afraid of change…but I appreciate why most people are!
Finding and maintaining “balance” in life is a constant struggle.
My only regret in life is not taking music lessons more seriously as a child.
I am a technology-nut…but I firmly believe that technology is not the solution for every problem, and just because we can automate something does not mean that we should!
I am the luckiest guy in the world…I married my best friend, and we get to work together on a daily basis.
I am passionate about Customer Service and am an advocate for the Customer!
I hope that I live long enough to see the Service Revolution that is looming.
I don’t like caves, especially ones that you have to crawl through.
I don’t mind flying…but I don’t think that I will ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane.
I salute our military men, women and families and I thank you for all of the sacrifices that you have made so that I may enjoy the freedoms that so many people in this world may only dream of having.
Several years ago I suffered a life-threatening medical condition (pulmonary embolism) and lived to talk about it!  I beat the odds and because of that I believe that I am here for a reason…to do something great in this world (to help others).
I also believe that everyone experiences a “life-changing situation” of some sort, at some point in his/her life.  That being said, I have a challenge for you.  When you get to that point, when everything changes, when your view of the world becomes infinitely more clear yet more fuzzy all at the same time, when you really appreciate the power that you possess and the opportunity that has been afforded you…what will you do with the rest of your life?  I think I am doing mine.
There you have it – that’s the “real” me.

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