Susanne Crawford

principal and co-founder, re_group


  • love sailing and find the Caribbean blue water magical.
  • love to travel, meet new people and find out what makes them happy.
  • covet time in the kitchen trying out a new recipe while sipping a glass of Pinot noir.
  • dream of a world of smiling people.
  • often find that my creativity comes alive at 2am.
  • am extremely visual and often think in pictures.
  • love people-watching in airports.
  • have been blessed with an amazingly supportive family.
  • am impatiently waiting for patience.
  • can’t sing a note (be grateful I don’t even try).
  • relish the feeling of sore stomach muscles when I’ve laughed too hard.
  • love asking questions and finding answers.
  • embrace different perspectives and seek to learn from them.
  • try to do something each day that I have never done before or that scares me.
  • listen to what is and is not said.
  • believe that life is about creating, not finding, yourself.
  • like white space and am a firm believer that less can be more.


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